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The Capital of Connectivity

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Worcestershire growing market

Access to market

Worcestershire is situated in one of the fast growing areas of the UK. Locating here will provide a fast track route to a lucrative market. As part of the Midlands, the county is experiencing rapid growth and is attracting the brightest and the best companies. The Sunday Times, one of the UK’s leading newspapers, tracks the fast growing companies in the UK and recently confirmed that “the Midlands Engine has for the first time overtaken London as the chief home of Britain’s private companies with the fastest growing profits.” Worcestershire is a now a magnet for key sectors such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace, cyber and next generation tech, life sciences and agri tech. Worcestershire is also home to one of the Government’s 5G test beds focussed on productivity and Industry 4.0.

Worcestershire high-tech skills

Access to Skills

Worcestershire is home to a highly skilled workforce. The typical 45 minute commute area for Worcester includes a rich talent pool of people from Birmingham in the north, Warwick in the east and south to Gloucester. The workforce has a high proportion of people working in high-tech manufacturing – four times the regional average and twice the national figure. With its own university it is also within easy reach of 20 other top quality universities. It’s home to some outstanding colleges include Heart of Worcestershire which recently launched its new Centre of Digital Engineering (CODE).

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The capital of Connectivity

Worcestershire offers businesses efficient transport connectivity thanks to ease of motorway access via both M5 and M42 between the Midlands, the South West and South Wales. Better road and rail connections mean faster access to more customers and easier commutes for your workforce.

Birmingham Airport, which is on our doorstep, offers flights to more than 100 international locations.

Worcestershire Parkway, the county’s new train station will increase speeds and connectivity to Oxford, London and other parts of the country.

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Worcestershire set up cost

Cost and set up –
your money goes further

Worcestershire is a great location in terms of cost of setting up an office, employing a skilled workforce or comparative house prices – all important when deciding where to locate. The average house price in London is £479,000. The average house price in Worcestershire is £228,000. In comparison to London, office costs are cheaper, investments are cheaper meaning the Midlands is where the fastest growing markets are.

The county has been recognised as one of the top places in the UK for business start-ups. Worcestershire also benefits from a wide selection of high quality offices and units, along with intermediate and large development sites.

Worcestershire supporting business growth

Across Worcestershire, a partnership of local agencies is committed to supporting business growth. A range of tailored business support can help you to grow or locate your business. The county provides a soft landing to assist your set up here with a range of exclusive offers and support. This includes grants, assistance with supply-chain development, targeting key networks as well as tapping into national schemes such as Innovate UK grants. Worcestershire Business Central and the Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chambers of Commerce provide excellent support in terms of funding and business network connections.

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