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  • “Worcestershire came out as our top choice because of the skilled workforce available in the region and its central location to the UK’s motorway network. The endless support from the local partners solidified our decision to move to Worcestershire.”

    Mike Harris
    Company Accountant

  • “What’s important to us is that we’re close to an established automotive industry. This means supply chains are extremely efficient and we can find staff with the right skills and experience.”

    Roger Graham
    Finance Director

  • “We chose Worcestershire for our European HQ and UK manufacturing facility because of its great location – it is close to motorways, airports and shipping ports.”

    Glenn Johnson
    Endurance Wind Power

  • “Worcestershire is a second home to me. There is always a spring in my step as I cross the bridge over the River Severn at Worcester to arrive at New Road, the most beautiful cricket ground in the world. As Patron of Worcestershire County Cricket Club, I am impressed by the new hotel and stadium development which will be a huge asset for the club, city and county for many years to come.”

    Mervyn King
    Former Governor of the Bank of England

  • “The most important part of our business is our people. We wanted to retain their experience, expertise and intellectual capacity and that’s why we chose to stay here in Malvern. Besides which, we have a good quality of life here. Worcestershire is a great place to live and consequently our staff retention levels are high.”

    Paul Walker
    Managing Director
    Malvern Instruments

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